Untight and Untied - It all began at the middle of the 90's. I'm not gonna tell it all because I hardly remember. Untight was the name for obvious reasons, later renamed Untied with a new bass player / co-singer. Playing punk rock at shows for nothing (well we still do), caring for nothing but fun (well we still do this too..). It was awesome times and not a care in the world. Bandmembers had come and gone, alcohol was hurting our gigs and finally it all ended at the shittiest show in the history of mankind (!) at Gültza-udden in Luleå. For those of you that remember, we salute you.
Uncertain times - Reformed and reorganized in 2005 with four of the original members and a new lead singer we released a couple of demos. People liked our stuff and we played a couple of local shows with great success. Somehow though we never seemed to care much. The band always came second. Also, we sent a couple of songs around to different labels but they all seemed to have a problem with our new name.. I wonder why.. It might have something to do with a certain guitarist telling them what it really meant. Noone will know for sure.
Retied - Punk'n'roll for the masses! Stronger then ever and back on track, the first thing we did was release our debut album Stains on our own label, Railside Productions. Constantly looking for opportunities to wield our weapon of choice to spread our message. There is nothing better then standing infront of a sweaty crowd, big or small. What it's really all about? We have not forgotten - fun!
Patrik - Guitar
Jonas - Bass
Kaj - Vocals
Daniel - Drums
Glenn - Guitar